New Nomination Policies-Please Review

To ensure we are funding children whose families are in need we have removed certain criteria and added others. (See below)

Also, in an effort to answer frequently asked questions we have laid out the following information of how our program works, but please understand each case is different and these procedures are subject to change.

Step One: Once we’ve received your nomination our next step is to review the information to determine eligibility. Once this is done we will contact the guardian with further information.

Step Two: Agreements and Waivers must be signed prior to receiving funding, guardians may review & sign them here:

  • Funding is based on funds availability.
  • Children that have qualified in the past are NOT automatically qualified nor are their siblings.
  • Scholarship amounts are determined on a family by family basis.
  • We fund programs that provide positive peers and role models, one on one programs or lessons will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • If a child is approved we will scholarship them for one program/season per their calendar year, with a review of attendance & participation before reviewing for further funding.
  • Each child is allowed to be nominated once a year, which begins the date we receive their nomination.
  • Each program has a different cost associated with it, it is up to the family to find the best program for their child including; location, dates & times, as well as how to fund the program once the scholarship amount has been used (plan ahead accordingly). We can offer options and suggestions of organizations we work with when needed.

We are not associated or affiliated with any of the programs we fund, nor do we have any authority over other agencies or entities.

Please be aware: As of 8/13/2018 some camps will no longer be fundable.

2019 NOTICE! Applications will only be accepted on a Winter & Summer schedule: November through January for Spring & Summer programs & June through August for Fall & Winter programs. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

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