Big News!


Grant A Wish Program has received a grant from the Kiwanis Club of Grand Junction. We couldn’t be more excited and grateful! The following is from a letter we just received:

On behalf of the Allocation Grant Committee, we want to congratulate you as your organization has been awarded $2,300 by the Kiwanis Club of Grand Junction…


The Kiwanis Club of Grand Junction is part of a global organization of volunteers, dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time. This allocation is a result of our fundraising efforts at the annual Kiwanis Pancake Day… 


We appreciate the commitment you and your team have for the children of the Grand Valley. 

Thank you…

Thanks to the support of these wonderful businesses we’re able to impact our community and build future leaders.

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Three Reasons Community Leaders Need Lifelong Learning

Holding an esteemed position within your community can feel rewarding and allow you to impact real change. At the same time, you likely recognize that there’s always room for progress and improvement. Consider these three ways in which community leaders benefit from lifelong learning – and consider enrolling in a course or two.

Learning never really stops.

Just because you leave formal education doesn’t mean learning stops. From infancy to retirement and beyond, people of all ages and life stages are capable of learning.
● Children who engage in educational and recreational activities that support their interests are more likely to achieve their goals at school and beyond. Supporting kids through organizations like Grant a Wish helps them reach their potential at any age.
● One study found that at midlife, adults who participated in
adult education had higher verbal ability, verbal memory, and verbal fluency in “late midlife.” Thus, adult education may support healthy cognitive abilities as you age.
● Other in-depth research concluded that older adults who attended educational courses reported lower levels of depression and improved memory function over the control group. Psychology Today concluded that formal or self-directed learning is vital for active aging.

Formal education lends credibility and shows initiative

Many professionals skip formal certification and continue to do well in their careers. But earning a degree in a relevant field can heighten your credibility and highlight your drive for progress.
● Earning a credential shows initiative, with your degree serving as proof that you care about growing as a person and professional. Choosing to keep processing new information means you embrace challenges and aren’t afraid to adjust your perspective.
● Pursuing a formal degree can also prepare you for sitting exams to earn state licensure, which helps lend credence to your recommendations and propositions as a community leader.
● Possession of a formal credential could support your career path if you pursue a promotion.
Growth is invaluable throughout life
Growth is a necessity in life, but it’s also beneficial for your career. From growing as a person to building your income along a career path, lifelong learning supports both angles.
● Anyone who wants to work on themselves can benefit from both formal and informal educational opportunities. Pew Social Trends found that 62 percent of college graduates agreed that their university education was “very useful” for personal growth.
● Both men and women with bachelor’s degrees earn more money over their lifetimes than high school graduates. Though a higher salary may not be your primary motivation, pursuing higher education could mean a more comfortable future.
While your role likely demands a certain level of expertise and growth, there’s nothing quite like further education to help expand your perspective. From better performance in your position to enhanced credibility and self-improvement, continuing to learn means bigger, better things for you and your community.