Don’t Just Give a Gift, Grant A Wish

Scholarshipping Youth for Our Future

Grant a Wish Scholarships Local Youth for Programs and Activities

Did you know something as simple as swimming lessons could change an at risk child’s life?

Studies show children who suffer from;  homelessness, physical or emotional abuse, neglect, the loss of a parent, or poverty (19% in Mesa County) are more likely to suffer from: delinquency, teen pregnancy, substance abuse and dropping out.

Now Here’s The GOOD News!

Our Children DO NOT have to become statistics…

Studies show the ability to participate in activities with peers and role models has a positive impact on a child’s school & family life allowing them to achieve improved:

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • & social development
  • thereby reducing their at-risk behaviors & giving them a chance at success.

Why Should It Matter to YOU?

Our goal is to provide local youth with programs that provide life skills alongside positive peers and role models. Activities like; dance, music, art, sports, robotics and more!

Like Jessica & Amari. 2 young ladies in foster care who want to tackle their self-esteem issues after being abused by participating in Karate.

Or Curtis a local boy that is looking for support after loosing his older brother and father less than a year apart.

And Hope a kind & helpful 8 year old & her younger brother. When asked what her wish was she chose cooking lessons so she could, “take the load off of her Grandmother”. . .

This may not seem to directly affect you, your children, or even your neighborhood, but they ARE OUR future. Fathers, Mothers, son or daughter in laws, land developers, engineers, or even a running back for the Denver broncos. 

With your support they can become anything . . . won’t you Grant A Wish?

    Hear How You’re Making A Difference…

    Kids, parents and nominating organizations express the importance of your support. 

    By supporting Grant a Wish you are supporting our future leaders.

    Thanks to folks just like YOU, since 2008 our award-winning organization has offered children a chance at success by giving them an opportunity to participate in any program they are interested in. But, we can’t do it without YOU!  Typically we have from 5 to 20 youth waiting on scholarships at any given time. In 2017 we received over 158 nominations for programs as simple as a $44 swimming lesson. Since 2008 we have provided over $60,000 in programs to area youth, with over 110 children receiving scholarships in 2018 alone. Every year the need is greater and we hope you’ll consider the “Grant a Wish Program” as your charity of choice. Thank you for your consideration!